Golden Tickets + The Brothers Brandt in ATL!

29 10 2018

We are traveling with our friends The Brothers Brandt once again for an EPIC sports road trip to Atlanta for the SEC Championship, and an Atlanta Falcons game!

We want you to join us! Grab your tickets today!

December 1st – SEC Championship Tickets

December 2nd – Atlanta Falcons vs. Baltimore Ravens Tickets 


Seamless One-Click Sports Packages

25 07 2017

GST SITE LAUNCH_blackgold_800w_120

In this day and age, all of our tasks have become integrated and seamless through revolutionary applications to make our lives easier. When we travel we only have to visit one website to book all of the factors included in our trip: flights, hotel, and transportation. So, why hasn’t this ingenious practicality been invented for sports?! WELL, IT HAS NOW. The ‘Expedia’ for Sports Packages is now available on our brand-new Golden Sports website! Sports tours have evolved into an industry of its own, and we are excited to provide an integrated and seamless service to better the industry.

We’re proudly setting a new standard in premium sports tours! No longer will you have to shop ’til you drop because we just launched our brand new website, featuring our ONE-CLICK SPORTS PACKAGES, making the task of shopping for sports packages far less tedious for you!

It’s always a Win-Win With Us

Customize your package to fit your needs or pick out of the Gold, Silver, or Bronze editions we build for you based on your personal preferences and budget.

  • Flights
    Price is computed using only the most efficient itineraries that will fit well with your package choice.
  • Hotel
    We have an option for everybody! On a budget, closest to the event, most popular, or the ‘treat yourself with luxury’ choice.
  • Event Tickets
    Whether it’s the big game or a once-in-a-lifetime event, we know how to get the best tickets available! It’s kind of what we’re reputable for.
  • Transportation
    Cabs are so 2015… we’ll pick you up and get you between your hotel and the airport.

Currently Live Now For One-Click Sports Packages

  • NFL
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  • Boxing
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  • & select major events
  • all other sports will be coming very, very soon.

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What You Didn’t Know, But Need To Know, About NFL and Super Bowl Tickets

20 01 2017


If you have been watching the NFL at all this year (a lot fewer people are), then you might have seen the advertising campaign of the NFL Ticket Exchange which shows NFL coaches pretending to sell tickets as if they were the ticket hustlers you see outside of venues at most events. Their pitch is that if you buy from the NFL Ticket Exchange, you are guaranteed to get into the game.  This implies that all other sources should be discarded as unreliable and untrustworthy, thus discouraging their fans to buy and secure their tickets from ticketing professionals.

I’m here to say that is simply not true; it’s slanderous to the industry!

Golden Tickets has been selling tickets on the secondary market for the past 28 years and has earned a reputation of honesty, integrity, reliability and accountability. We stand behind all of the tickets we sell, whether it be for an NFL game or a U2 concert. Although my views may be mistaken for a plug, it’s just a black and white example of the better options out there for the fans who deserve a better ticketing source.

One thing that the public might want to know is that the majority of the tickets listed on the NFL Exchange are not actually from fans as the NFL claims they are; they’re actually from other brokers, like myself, who list our NFL tickets on their exchange.  Our tickets, which we list on their exchange can also just be purchased from our secure website,, without the mark-up of the NFL Ticket Exchange…just a friendly piece of advice.

So, what else is the NFL not telling you?  Just look at their NFL On Location offer for the Super Bowl! This should tell you all you need to know about the “deal” you get with purchasing from them directly. They’re not looking out for the fans’ best interest. I know. Bear with me, it may feel too hard to continue reading when you feel emotionally unstable from this disheartening reality I’m putting down, but you’re going to want to finish reading.

For those of you who have seen the scroll bar cruising across the bottom of your screen during football games with the web address to the NFL On Location as a source for Super Bowl tickets, please don’t be fooled.  Take a closer look at their prices and what you get for the honor of buying directly from them.  For example, they are selling club level corner Super Bowl tickets with a pre-game tailgate party for $8000 per person…WTF!  Are you kidding me?  Who came up with this random price? It’s anyone’s guess, but the true market at the publishing time of this blog is $4500 per ticket and $400 for our tailgate party. That is a $3100 difference per person.  What is the incentive to buy from them?  They claim that they are the official source, they can be trusted, and you’re guaranteed to get what you order.  Guess what? So do we……. at a much lesser price!

As we enter into the NFC/AFC Championship weekend with all this talk about who’s going to the Super Bowl going on between friends, family and co-workers at the water cooler, Golden Tickets wants to assure you that we can be trusted to take care of all of your Super Bowl needs from tickets, to hotels, to parties and tailgating. Our prices will fluctuate next week depending on which two teams wind up winning this weekend and are fluid based on supply and demand.  It will be interesting to see whether or not the NFL On Location will follow our lead or just stick with their unfair prices no matter how far off they are from the true secondary market.

One last, but probably most important, food for thought for my readers: they claim that because you’re buying from the “official source” you are guaranteed to get the seats you paid for, but you might want to speak to some of the fans from Green Bay and Pittsburgh that were cheated by NFL in 2011 for Super Bowl XLV. The Super Bowl was then held in Dallas and thousands of temporary seats were not able to be used, thus leaving thousands of fans who traveled to the big game to watch on a screen. Those unfortunate fans bought tickets through the NFL, the official source of the Super Bowl, and found out the hard way they placed their trust and money in the wrong hands.

Being in this business for almost three decades is the result of my passion and knowledge of the sports world and all of its components, primarily the ticketing market and the fans that makes our world go round. As the owner of Golden Tickets, I affirm our company delivers the honest and reliable treatment fans deserve. Golden Tickets isn’t the official source of the NFL, but we are a trusted source, and have been since 1988… we live up to our name!

If you are just as baffled as I am at the NFL Ticket Exchange and NFL On Location, comment below and let’s rant together! If you have any questions, I would be more than happy to answer them. Aside from that, see you in Houston!

Bowl Games are DOA

4 01 2017

Let me see with a show of hands of how many of you watched the Pinstripe Bowl?  What about the Cure Bowl, Potato Bowl or Camelia Bowl?  That’s what I thought…me neither!

The NCAA currently has about 40 different bowl games on their line-up during the month of December and no one gives a rat’s ass about them!  The obvious question to ask is, why should we care when the schools, players and fans don’t care?  The truth is, we shouldn’t!  The schools don’t care because they wind up losing money when they can’t sell their guaranteed allotment of tickets, the players don’t care because they’re really not playing for anything meaningful, and the fans don’t care for the same reason.

The NCAA has a playoff system (which isn’t working but more on that later) and that’s all that any college football fan cares about.  We want to see the best teams play in the playoffs and don’t care about watching 6 and 6 teams play in obsolete bowl games.  Could you imagine the NFL having the playoff system they have and simultaneously have all of the losing teams that didn’t make the playoffs in some sort of consolation playoff…well that’s what you’re getting with these idiotic bowl games.  Losing teams playing other losing teams which is so much fun to watch in person or on TV…..yeah right!

If you have tuned in for any of these games, mostly what you’ll see is empty stands.  Who in their right mind would spend their hard earned money to travel to Bosie, ID, Shreveport, LA or most of the other bowl hosting cities to catch their losing team play in a meaningless bowl game?

Do you know who does cares about these games, ESPN and gamblers!  Gamblers because they always need something to wager on and all of these bowl games gives them 40 more opportunities.  ESPN because they have all of these games to create advertising dollars for themselves.  Do you think ESPN cares whether or not anyone is really watching these games?  As long as they find companies to spend money on advertising and can fill up all of their commercial spots, that’s all they are concerned with.

Have you ever given a thought of why the name of most of the Bowl games changes from one year to the next?  I will tell you why.  The sponsors of these games find out pretty quickly that they just wasted 1.5 million dollars when they see zero return on their investment.  Yes, it’s nice to have your company name all over the field but if no one sees it then it’s just a waste of money.

So rather than me just sitting here on my perch bitching about the current state of the bowl games I’m going to offer my solution and I am confident it’s a good one!

My solution consists of the top 14 teams.  The day after the Conference Championship Games (ACC, Big 10, SEC etc…) the bowl committee will select the top four teams just as they have done the past two years.  The #1 team will play the #4 team but the game will be held at the home field of the #1 team the following weekend.  The #2 team will play #3 team the same weekend from their home field.  This will eliminate teams from having to travel to both the semi-final game and the championship within 10 days of each other.  This will also give a lot of incentive to be the #1 and #2 team.

On the same evening the top four teams are announced, the rest of the top 14 teams will be in a selection process by each of the big 6 Bowl games (Rose, Fiesta, Cotton, Sugar, Peach and Orange) to choose the teams they want live on TV.  Each year there will be a rotation of who selects first, for example if the Rose Bowl is the first game, they will automatically get the losing teams from the top four team playoff.  The Fiesta Bowl would then have the actual first selection and they could pick the best match-up they can based on the remaining 10 teams.  They might choose to pick a team that is more local to their region or they could choose the number #5 and#6 teams that will be up to their committee to decide on the spot….now that’s exciting!  Then the Cotton Bowl would select from the remaining 8 and so on until the top 6 bowl games were filled.

How does this help the bowl situation?

The two teams that win the four team playoff will have three weeks to prepare for the championship.  The fans will have this same time to be able to plan their trip to the big game and there will actually be some big build up to the game, similar to the way the BCS used to be.

The two losing teams from the four team playoff will know they are automatically playing each other in one of the big bowl games, which ever was first in line for that particular year.

By making the top fourteen teams, each team will know they get to go to a major bowl game; all of these teams are typically from top schools and should all be good match-ups that fans would actually like to watch or attend!

I beg the NCAA to eliminate all of the stupid, obsolete bowl games in their current line-up and replace it immediately with my brilliant idea.  As someone famously said this year (not mentioning his name) “What do you have to lose?”

Whether you agree or disagree with me, let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below! Thank you for joining me on Ram’s Rants.

A Story

17 05 2016

A pro sports team had a losing record for 8 years, despite the fact that the team was comprised of a number of top players.  During this time frame, the team was led by 2 established coaches who were very well respected in the league.

At the end of the 8th season, the fans were becoming restless and disgruntled with the direction of the team and started to voice their concern very publicly to the team leadership.

There was a local builder in town, who for years claimed that he could lead this team to victory and make it great again! At the beginning, no one really took him seriously but fans started to listen especially because their established coaches could not seem to win. The interesting part of this was the man had very little knowledge in the way the game was played and would make all sorts of statements that really did not make a lot of sense.  In spite of this fact, some of the fans started to rally around the idea of doing something completely radical in supporting him as their coach.

As some of his support started to grow, he started to make some very incendiary statements.  First, he wanted to get rid of all of the Hispanic players on the team.  He said the players were horrible, horrible people and there was no place on his team for them. Then he said he had no place on his team for Muslim players and if it were up to him, he would ban them all from the whole league.

Then he started insulting the board of directors by calling every one of them losers.  He called their wives fat slob, pigs.  He started calling all of the players on his team losers even though they were proven to be very good at their positions and understood the game much better than the man.  For some strange reason, the more the man insulted everyone, the more the fans were getting excited about him.

The fans started organizing rally’s to get the guy hired and they would swear their allegiance to him at these events.

These rallies grew larger.  As they grew, there were those that started to oppose the man.  At first there were verbal confrontations between the fans and the opposition. Then, authorized by the man, physical violence as he egged the fans on to remove any of the unwanted opposition.  This led to many violent altercations and many people getting punched in the face and being removed from the events.

This continued for months and despite all the bluster, the man never really had a specific plan to make the team great again. The insults grew louder and even more radical. He continued to insult everyone he could think of which now included the other team’s ownership, players and anyone else who did not agree with him.  The whole affair was turning into a reality TV series!

The commissioner of the league, a woman, said there is just no place in the league for all of the negative rhetoric about the league and teams she loved.  She campaigned hard to reason with the fans to not follow this pied piper down this very dangerous road. In return, the man repeatedly called her the most crooked commissioner he’s ever seen.  The man was relentless with his childish name calling despite the fact that he had bankrupted numerous companies, was under investigation for a bogus business scam and cheated on all 3 of his ex-wives.

The board of directors had to make a mind numbing decision. They had to either hire the fans choice and be led by someone completely clueless about their game or go against the will of the fans. They also worried about alienating themselves from the fans and whether the fans would desert the team and or the league itself.

Check back on Nov 8th for the conclusion of the story.



The end!

Justin Bieber and the Golden Tickets Give away!

25 06 2012

Justin Bieber announced details about his Golden Tickets giveaway with his new album, Believe–find out how to win!

Believe, which drops June 18 (almost here, you guys!) will include golden ticket codes for a lucky fan to join Justin on stage.

Justin took to Twitter recently to explain the Golden Tickets, writing:

“u guys keep asking so here are the GOLDEN TICKET details for #BELIEVE ….”

He explained, “1st prize is concert tickets and be my “One Less Lonely Girl” on stage during the BELIEVE tour…. #GoldenTickets”

“2nd Prizes are 10 signed guitars with 2 tickets and meet and greets to the Believe Tour… #GoldenTickets”

“and 3rd Prize is signed posters to you… #GOLDENTICKETS #BELIEVE”

Justin added, “so find those #GOLDENTICKETS in #BELIEVE ! Love you. Thanks”

Will you win the opportunity to be Justin’s “One Less Lonely Girl” by finding a golden ticket? The winning Belieber will be serenaded on stage–a fan’s dream come true!

Go to and enter the golden ticket code for a chance to win.

Game starts June 19 at 12:01 a.m. and ends 11:59 August 13, 2012.

Good luck!

Letter To Bud Selig

2 11 2011

Dear Bud,
Can you please do something about this stupid rule you invoked a couple of years ago to give home field advantage to the winner of the All-Star game. Leaving the rule in place does an injustice to all of the teams who work their asses off each year trying to get home field advantage which they should have if they have the best record for that season. Instead, the way you have it, you reward teams, including wild cards, to possibly get that advantage all because of the result of an exhibition game.
Take this past World Series. The Cardinals had home field advantage for the World Series even though they barely made it into the playoffs. Don’t you think the results of the World Series might have been a little different had the Rangers had 4 games in Arlington? You’re affecting the whole outcome of the World Series predicated on a game that means nothing (although you want it to mean something) and is nothing more than an exhibition that most people do not even care about.
Try to look at this reasonably, the teams play 162 games attempting to win their division. You reward the team with the best record with home field advantage during the LDS and LCS but when you get to the most important Series you yank that advantage away all because of one game! By doing this, you’re pretty much saying that the whole rest of the season didn’t mean a darn thing!
Bud, please swallow your pride for once and admit you made a mistake with this stupid little experiment! Most baseball fans will always know that the All-Star game is nothing more than it’s always been a chance to see all of the best players at one time. Do the right thing and stop this insanity!
Ram Silverman (baseball fan)

NFL Lockout

27 05 2011

As the NFL season approaches there seems to be no end in sight for this NFL lockout.  It’s hard to imagine that both the owners and the players are willing to risk “all or nothing” in an industry that’s worth billions of dollars.

As an owner of a company, I truly understand how the owners feel in regards to trying to make as much money as they can because after all, it was their money they risked when they initially bought the team and should be rewarded for that.  People tend to forget that owners risk millions of dollars every year on players that either turn out not to be as good as they should be or lose players to injuries and other incidents, like pulling guns out in strip clubs…can you say Plexico Buress?  Besides the players, it takes a huge payroll to take care of the rest of the organization and all of that is on the owner.  Now if I was an NFL owner and I had employees (players) not wanting to play because they felt they weren’t earning enough I would probably show them to the front door and tell them they can seek employment elsewhere.  I wouldn’t want employees telling me how to run my business because after all they’re Employees!

On the player’s side, these guys have a very short term career in the NFL and I certainly do not blame them for trying to make as much money as they can either!  If you look at all of the long term effects the football takes on the player you can see the player is risking the well being of his body and mind in order to play a game that sometimes last just a couple of years.  Should this player be compensated long term?  I think so!

Players that risk permanent physical and mental damage absolutely need to be taken care of!  You won’t find much argument here unless you’re in the front office of the NFL, where they have a doctor on staff who still claims there’s not enough proof to show that football can cause players permanent damage both physically and mentally.  Would you want this quack examining you?  What doctor in his right mind honestly believes there isn’t enough proof of this?   I guess all of the concussions that player receive during their career have no possibility of long term effects…right!

Now that we talked about the owners and the players let’s talk about the fans.  It is us, the fans, who ultimately support the team and therefore the owners.  It is us, the fan, who is being taken for granted while they try to negotiate out a settlement.  It is us, the fan, who have prepaid for season tickets who might be in jeopardy of not watching football this year.  Are the owners going to pay us interest on money they’ve been holding onto the past year…I don’t think so!  It seems to me that neither side is negotiating in good faith because they’re not negotiating!  Don’t you think they should be at least sitting at the same table and trying to compromise? I think so!  Maybe all of the fans should boycott the NFL this year even if they do settle this thing, then the owners will know who the real boss is!

Thanks a lot Minnesota Twins!

21 01 2011

Our company has owned season tickets with the Twins for past 3 years and prior to that we’ve bought groups tickets and formed what we thought was a pretty good working relationship.  Prior to the new stadium being built we worked with our account rep to help select our seats in the new stadium.  We were able to buy 42 season tickets which totaled somewhere in the neighborhood of $70,000.  Of course, we paid this in a timely manner and everything was good!  We thought we would be considered a good customer but guess what…..I was wrong!

After the Twins were swept in October by the Yankees we spoke with our account manager to have him transfer the refund to next year’s tickets which he agreed to do.  About a month later we receive a letter from the Twins stating that we were late paying our invoice for next season and therefore they were taking away the majority our seats.

Guess what?  I went ballistic!  I actually hurt my head on the ceiling when I rocketed out of my chair.  I immediately called my rep and was unable to get in touch with him but was able to talk to the ticket manager who sent the letter.

First thing I did was call him out on the invoice ruse and the fact that our invoice payment wasn’t late (invoices were mailed near the end of the year). Can you imagine a major league team going to the trouble of lying in order to have an excuse to take our seats away?  That’s pretty low! He proceeded to tell me that they were geographically relocating our tickets to make them available to local season ticket holders. 

I tried to explain to him of all of the benefits of a broker owning them as opposed to a local season ticket holder.

1)    These tickets are sold to Twins fans that only want or only can afford to go to one or more games.

2)    Typically, these fans will spend money on merchandise as opposed to the fan that goes to dozens of games.

3)    For every ticket we sell on Stub Hub the team makes more money because they have a revenue sharing deal in place with MLB.

4)    We’re good paying customers who risk money each year on season tickets even if the teams are not so good.

All of these reasons fell on deaf ears.  I then called the president of the Twins and tried to reason with him but he was even more obstinate than the ticket manager.  I reminded him that the Twins ball park was no longer new and if the Twins started losing which at some point they will, they will be calling us back faster than a Randy Johnson fastball!

As a foot note, when we received our invoice they did send us a nice gift, a glass baseball trophy, to show their appreciation to their loyal fans….how generous!

Football Celebrations

19 10 2010

There has been a lot made recently of some of the celebrations made after a touchdown at some of the recent NFL and College games.  We have seen many flags being thrown by the referees which is their obligations according to the current rules.

Let’s examine this a little closer.  We are asking the players to play with the greatest of intensity during the game and then we’re asking these same players at the very climax of them scoring a touchdown to completely turn their emotions off.  I don’t know about you but I get pretty excited when I win a game of Monopoly, let alone a game as competitive as football.  I think the natural emotions that come with celebrating a team’s touchdown are only natural.

What I am against are two things, one taunting the players on the other team in any manner.  Examples of this might be of a players running out to the Silver Star in the middle of Texas stadium and stomping on it with his foot….can you say Terrell Owens!  This shows a lack of class and is about self promotion and self recognition in a team sport….this should not be allowed.  Another example might be a player carrying a sharpie, hidden in his sock, and using it to sign the football after catching it for a touchdown….can you say Terrell Owens!  This is not good sportsmanship and it was these antics that clearly wound up changing the league rule in the first place.  Why are we penalizing everyone including the fans for the actions of a few?  Personally, I think we should allow players to enjoy a moment of celebration after scoring a touchdown as long as it’s not self indulgent and is can be done with sportsmanship and class.