Dallas Cowboy PSL and Ticket prices

4 09 2009

I’m not really sure why there hasn’t been more chatter about the exorbitant prices that Jerry Jones is charging for both the PSL’s and tickets but I am going to examine both in this blog.

Let’s first look at the PSL’s.  The Cowboy’s wanted me to “invest” $16,000 per PSL for tickets I used to own at Texas Stadium.  So let’s do the quick math here…I owned 6 tickets together that used to be on the 30ydline.  Now I was being offered 6 tickets together on the 20 ydline at a PSL price of $16,000.  6x$16,000=$96,000.  I repeat $96,000!  This will give me the opportunity each year to pay $340.00 more per ticket to go watch the Cowboy’s play…oh boy!  Now, I don’t know about you but I used to think that the word “investment” meant that there would  be a return on the money I was investing.  Jerry’s way is that it’s only giving me the opportunity to spend more money for his investment!  If anyone were smart enough to do the math prior to purchasing the PSL’s, they would have realized that by earning  5% on $96,000, they would have made $4800. With that $4800 they could have taken that money and picked the games they really wanted to go to, buy the best tickets there and not be obligated to the Cowboys to pay $340 per game for the whole season. In addition, they wouldn’t be obligated to pay $340 per ticket for preseason games.  Can you imagine owning 6 tickets for preseason games…that’s a cost of $2040 per game….ouch! In case you didn’t know this tidbit, there are PSL’s for $35,000 and $50,000….do the math on that investment!

Let’s talk a little about the face value on the club seats which are $340.  When I had my initial meeting with my used car salesman…I mean sales representative, I asked how the Cowboy’s had determined their pricing and he replied “you guys get it, so why shouldn’t we?.”  The Cowboy’s automatically assumed because they saw tickets being listed on the internet that all of the tickets were actually being sold for those prices.  I replied, that we would be lucky to get that price for one or two games a year, depending on the schedule and how well the Cowboy’s were playing at the time.  The Cowboy’s were so worried that they were leaving money on the table that they thought that all fans would want to pay $340 to go to a game because brokers were getting it.  I had to explain to my representative that the people who are buying tickets on the secondary market are paying that price because they’re only going to select games and they can afford to buy one or two games at those prices.  More importantly, the tickets that are being sold on the secondary market are only a fraction of what the primary seller originally sold.  What does this mean?  More math…sorry!  If the Cowboys sell 70,000 tickets for a game and out of these tickets 5% reach the secondary market, we are only talking about 3500 tickets.  These tickets are what owners seemed to be so concerned about!  So instead of making sure that games stay affordable for the fans that are willing to buy season tickets, they decide to alienate all the fans with these ridiculous face values and that’s in addition to the already crazy PSL prices! 

Once again common sense seems to tell me, if the Cowboy’s are going to charge you an incredible amount of money for the PSL’s, wouldn’t it be in their best interest to sell the season tickets at a reasonable price?

I guess Jerry wants to have his cake and eat it too!

One last note, I was at the Cowboy preseason game the other night and sat in section 335 row 13 (this is a$50,000 PSL) which I bought for $40 a ticket out in front of the stadium and I will tell you that it’s like sitting in the upper deck of most other stadiums….it’s way up there!  We wound up watching the majority of the game on the Texas sized Jerrytron that actually becomes quite distracting after a while.  I guess I’ll be watching the rest of the season on my big screen HDTV at home….the beer is a lot cheaper!




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17 09 2009

Just talked to a friend who had a customer tell him about buying Cowboys season tickets. He was foolish enough to pay the enormous Cowboys PSL fee and finance it for 30 years. Guest who the finance company is? JJ Finance Co. He gets you coming and going!

17 12 2009
Michael Davis

Jerry is a shrewd businessman. He bought the Cowboys to make money. If people are willing to pay $50,000 for the opportunity to buy a ticket for an additional $340 a game then more power to him. But all those PSL did not sell out. Simple supply and demand. That’s why on game day you can pick up good seats from a broker for less than face.

28 09 2011

The Prices are Crazy anyone who pays them is a moron. Last season I went to all 8 Reg Season Games in Sec C235 or C310 on the secondary market. (Founders Club, best in house, free food included, $3400 ST + $150,000 PSL). If you get Jerry’s 30 Year Financing Thats $16,000 a year total! ($2000/Game). I paid $4200 for all 8 Games (Including Secondary fees) thats just $800 above the regular ST Price With NO PSL!!!!!! A 75% Discount to what Jerry is charging and no 30 Year Lock In! Furthermore These $150,000 PSL’s are selling on PSL Exchanges for around $18,000 so anyone who bought one has lost $130k+. I’m sitting on the 50 Yard Line on the prime club level (200’s) and paying $3000 a year LESS than people sitting on the 10 Yard Line in the Yellow Club Seats ($7k a year with finance) and no lock in!

29 01 2012

Non club PSLs are the way to go. Tickets face value are $99 a piece and if financed, the PSL equates to $308 a year. $990 + $308 is far more managable per seat than the any club seat in the stadium. If an individual sold half their tickets on the secondary market, the profit that can be made from their ticket sales could easily pay for the games the PSL owner opts to attend. Granted, the non-club PSLs are not as luxurious as club seats, but obtaining a non-club seat is far more managable for an average fan wanting to be a season ticket holder.

17 03 2014

Needless to say Jerry is greedy and many people fell for his antics and are losing their shirts now! What happens when all of those season ticket holders protest due to the crap product Jerry Jones is putting on the field these days??? Wonder if these ticket holders have thought to join forces and consider this option. Having to pay out the nose for a terrible product is gut wrenching. When will Jerry stop being a narcissist and realize HE is the problem!!!!

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