Garth Brooks and Steve Wynn, The Ticket Nazi’s!

6 11 2009

Here we go again, another major performer who thinks he’s helping his fans by restricting the sale of tickets.  The latest stupidity, Garth Brooks Tickets for his limited year run at The Encore is spelled out in the “Garth Brook’s ticketing terms and conditions”.

Let me break down some of the conditions and some of the comments made at the news conference they held.

“Specific procedures have been put in place in an effort to ensure that the tickets for concerts are accessible to fans at face value and through authorized sales channels exclusively.”

As far as I know, Wynn Hotel is the only authorized seller!  If all of the tickets were sold out during the original on-sale, pretty much they’re telling you that you’re screwed if you want to see this show!  Don’t you think that “The Fans”, they profusely profess to be protecting, should have a choice to whether they would like other alternatives to buying tickets on the secondary market?  Don’t we live in America, a free market society where people can make their own decisions on how to spend their hard earned money?

 How many have you have gone to Las Vegas without planning to see a show and decide while you’re there that you would like to see one?  Well, if you want to see this one, forget about it! No chance of seeing it!  Nada! Why? Because Steve Wynn and Garth Brooks were so concerned for you on how much you “should” spend for tickets instead of how much you “would” spend for them. Now you have been virtually locked out of the concert hall with no chance of getting in!

Hey Garth and Steve…if all of the shows are sold out why do you care what happens to the tickets on the secondary market?  You can’t possibly make any more money on the tickets.  Can’t you be content on making gobs more money on all of the merchandise you’ll be selling? Instead, you want to take away our lively hood because God forbid if anyone else makes money besides you and Garth Brooks!

From the news conference, “We are taking evasive action against the ticket scalpers” Wynn warned. “People that buy seats are going to produce ID. We don’t want these being sold for $200, $300, $500 or $1000”.

People are going to produce ID? This is a country singer playing in Vegas for Christ sake not a concert at the White House!  What’s next, a strip search!  Why do the fans and the paying public have to be inconvenienced in the name of “protecting the fan from the evil broker?”  Aren’t the prices that Wynn mentioned he didn’t want the tickets sold for the same ones he uses to sell fight tickets?  But that’s okay?  Its okay to pay $1000 for a fight that sometimes only lasts a couple of minutes but not okay to pay the same for a concert?  Why not let the public decide how and where they want to spend their money? At least by opening the tickets up to the secondary market, they do have a choice!

“Tickets will be available for pick-up at Will Call at Wynn Las Vegas    after 12:00 PM on the day of the concert upon presentation of valid photo i.d., confirmation number and actual credit card used for payment. Under no circumstances will tickets be distributed in advance.”

Do I need to sacrifice my first born child to get in the theatre as well?  Will I be frisked at the door?  Do I have to wear a certain brand of jean? Come on Garth! You’re a country singer not the Ticket Gestapo!  Why don’t you worry about putting on a good show and stop worrying about who’s actually sitting in the seats.  Do you honestly believe that anyone who buys a ticket from a broker is not a fan?  Of course they’re a fan!  A fan that wasn’t able to purchase tickets when they went on sale or didn’t know when they went on sale or didn’t decide to go until after the tickets were all sold out.  A fan who doesn’t mind paying the services of a broker to get what they want!

I want to get one other thing straight. You want fans to line up to pick up the tickets, have the proper ID, and then have do it all over again upon entering the theatre…isn’t that going a little over board for 1 ½ hours of entertainment?  One simple question!  Why has no other hotel ever made its customers go to all of this trouble to see a show?

Because there is no need to do so!

The NATB, The National Association of Ticket Brokers, has been convening at The Wynn Hotel for their yearly convention the past 5 years. Hundreds of brokers come this event each year.  They spend money on rooms, food, entertainment and gambling. We have been good customers!  Steve Wynn, after all of your ridiculous comments about brokers we have a choice too….we’re moving!

Good Riddance