World Cup Rules

21 06 2010

Like most of you, I have been enjoying watching the World Cup for the past week or so…. with the sound off of course!  This is clearly the best sporting event in the World but a few changes really need to be made.

I’m not quite sure why the clock can’t just stop when a player is injured.  The fact that time is added to the end of a game and the only one in the whole stadium who knows it is the referee, is messed up!  Either the referee should stop the clock when there is a definite need or have the time keeper add the exact time to the end of the game. The referee has a microphone on his head the entire game….who’s he talking to anyway?  I’m pretty certain that when the 90 minutes is up he could whisper in his microphone  ”please add 3 minutes.”  This probably would not be too hard to do.

While we’re talking about the referee, why can’t there be 2 referees, one on each half of the field?  There is just no physical way for the referee to make a good judgment call with the distance that he’s away from the play.  After all, he can’t possibly be able to watch all 22 men on the field.  Give the guy some help! 

Let’s talk about the red card.  When a referee has the power to throw a player out of the game, he in effect is changing the dynamics of the whole game. This foul should clearly be flagrant to everyone.  I’m not saying that there isn’t a need for the red card but it should be used in only the most severe cases.  I also have a problem with the yellow cards. Why do yellow cards get carried on from one match to another?  Can you imagine what would happen if they tried that in a sport like basketball?  It just doesn’t make sense!  If a player receives two yellows in a game I do understand having him sit for the remainder of the game but why the carry over rule?  That’s a rule they can definitely get rid of!

Why can’t the referee’s be scrutinized during or after the game, especially after a bad call?  They should have to be accountable to someone!  For plays that have resulted in a goal, all offside plays or penalty’s should be reviewable by replay…these games are just too important to have a game decided by a bad call!  Case in point, USA vs. Slovenia.

Soccer is a great sport! They just need to add a couple of common sense rules to make it better!

Why does baseball need instant replay?

3 06 2010

All you have to do is watch last night’s Detroit Tiger game to see why baseball needs to introduce instant replay fulltime at every game.

Everyone at the ball park was going crazy as the last out is being made. Except for one slight problem, the umpire inexplicably makes the wrong call and cost the pitcher a perfect game.

Considering the situation, you might have thought that even if the play was closer than it was (the guy was out by a mile) the umpire still might have given the call to Detroit, but he didn’t.  Now because of this bad call the pitcher cannot say that he pitched a perfect game. The players cannot say that they played on the team of someone who pitched a perfect game and the fans cannot say they attended a perfect game.

This play could have been rectified in minutes if MLB allowed instant replay to be used at every game.  Wait a minute! They do use instant replay at every game but only for home runs.  Common sense would tell you that baseball is made up of more plays then just home runs.  It consists of single, doubles, outs and double plays, etc…these plays have just as much bearing on the outcome of a game as home runs do!  A bad call on a run scoring double should be more important than a solo shot in a 6-0 game. 

How do we fix this rule without having to replay every single call?  You give each team 2 replays a game that can use on any play during the game.  If the team that called for the replay was right, they would not lose that one of their two replay reviews.  By instituting this rule it would also eliminate most of the arguments between umpires and managers as they would easily be able settle any dispute in a matter of minutes.

 All in all, there is no downside!  The game is not slowed down anymore than it already is, a blown call will be rectified quickly and perfect games would be perfect games!