Football Celebrations

19 10 2010

There has been a lot made recently of some of the celebrations made after a touchdown at some of the recent NFL and College games.  We have seen many flags being thrown by the referees which is their obligations according to the current rules.

Let’s examine this a little closer.  We are asking the players to play with the greatest of intensity during the game and then we’re asking these same players at the very climax of them scoring a touchdown to completely turn their emotions off.  I don’t know about you but I get pretty excited when I win a game of Monopoly, let alone a game as competitive as football.  I think the natural emotions that come with celebrating a team’s touchdown are only natural.

What I am against are two things, one taunting the players on the other team in any manner.  Examples of this might be of a players running out to the Silver Star in the middle of Texas stadium and stomping on it with his foot….can you say Terrell Owens!  This shows a lack of class and is about self promotion and self recognition in a team sport….this should not be allowed.  Another example might be a player carrying a sharpie, hidden in his sock, and using it to sign the football after catching it for a touchdown….can you say Terrell Owens!  This is not good sportsmanship and it was these antics that clearly wound up changing the league rule in the first place.  Why are we penalizing everyone including the fans for the actions of a few?  Personally, I think we should allow players to enjoy a moment of celebration after scoring a touchdown as long as it’s not self indulgent and is can be done with sportsmanship and class.



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