Thanks a lot Minnesota Twins!

21 01 2011

Our company has owned season tickets with the Twins for past 3 years and prior to that we’ve bought groups tickets and formed what we thought was a pretty good working relationship.  Prior to the new stadium being built we worked with our account rep to help select our seats in the new stadium.  We were able to buy 42 season tickets which totaled somewhere in the neighborhood of $70,000.  Of course, we paid this in a timely manner and everything was good!  We thought we would be considered a good customer but guess what…..I was wrong!

After the Twins were swept in October by the Yankees we spoke with our account manager to have him transfer the refund to next year’s tickets which he agreed to do.  About a month later we receive a letter from the Twins stating that we were late paying our invoice for next season and therefore they were taking away the majority our seats.

Guess what?  I went ballistic!  I actually hurt my head on the ceiling when I rocketed out of my chair.  I immediately called my rep and was unable to get in touch with him but was able to talk to the ticket manager who sent the letter.

First thing I did was call him out on the invoice ruse and the fact that our invoice payment wasn’t late (invoices were mailed near the end of the year). Can you imagine a major league team going to the trouble of lying in order to have an excuse to take our seats away?  That’s pretty low! He proceeded to tell me that they were geographically relocating our tickets to make them available to local season ticket holders. 

I tried to explain to him of all of the benefits of a broker owning them as opposed to a local season ticket holder.

1)    These tickets are sold to Twins fans that only want or only can afford to go to one or more games.

2)    Typically, these fans will spend money on merchandise as opposed to the fan that goes to dozens of games.

3)    For every ticket we sell on Stub Hub the team makes more money because they have a revenue sharing deal in place with MLB.

4)    We’re good paying customers who risk money each year on season tickets even if the teams are not so good.

All of these reasons fell on deaf ears.  I then called the president of the Twins and tried to reason with him but he was even more obstinate than the ticket manager.  I reminded him that the Twins ball park was no longer new and if the Twins started losing which at some point they will, they will be calling us back faster than a Randy Johnson fastball!

As a foot note, when we received our invoice they did send us a nice gift, a glass baseball trophy, to show their appreciation to their loyal fans….how generous!