NFL Lockout

27 05 2011

As the NFL season approaches there seems to be no end in sight for this NFL lockout.  It’s hard to imagine that both the owners and the players are willing to risk “all or nothing” in an industry that’s worth billions of dollars.

As an owner of a company, I truly understand how the owners feel in regards to trying to make as much money as they can because after all, it was their money they risked when they initially bought the team and should be rewarded for that.  People tend to forget that owners risk millions of dollars every year on players that either turn out not to be as good as they should be or lose players to injuries and other incidents, like pulling guns out in strip clubs…can you say Plexico Buress?  Besides the players, it takes a huge payroll to take care of the rest of the organization and all of that is on the owner.  Now if I was an NFL owner and I had employees (players) not wanting to play because they felt they weren’t earning enough I would probably show them to the front door and tell them they can seek employment elsewhere.  I wouldn’t want employees telling me how to run my business because after all they’re Employees!

On the player’s side, these guys have a very short term career in the NFL and I certainly do not blame them for trying to make as much money as they can either!  If you look at all of the long term effects the football takes on the player you can see the player is risking the well being of his body and mind in order to play a game that sometimes last just a couple of years.  Should this player be compensated long term?  I think so!

Players that risk permanent physical and mental damage absolutely need to be taken care of!  You won’t find much argument here unless you’re in the front office of the NFL, where they have a doctor on staff who still claims there’s not enough proof to show that football can cause players permanent damage both physically and mentally.  Would you want this quack examining you?  What doctor in his right mind honestly believes there isn’t enough proof of this?   I guess all of the concussions that player receive during their career have no possibility of long term effects…right!

Now that we talked about the owners and the players let’s talk about the fans.  It is us, the fans, who ultimately support the team and therefore the owners.  It is us, the fan, who is being taken for granted while they try to negotiate out a settlement.  It is us, the fan, who have prepaid for season tickets who might be in jeopardy of not watching football this year.  Are the owners going to pay us interest on money they’ve been holding onto the past year…I don’t think so!  It seems to me that neither side is negotiating in good faith because they’re not negotiating!  Don’t you think they should be at least sitting at the same table and trying to compromise? I think so!  Maybe all of the fans should boycott the NFL this year even if they do settle this thing, then the owners will know who the real boss is!



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