Letter To Bud Selig

2 11 2011

Dear Bud,
Can you please do something about this stupid rule you invoked a couple of years ago to give home field advantage to the winner of the All-Star game. Leaving the rule in place does an injustice to all of the teams who work their asses off each year trying to get home field advantage which they should have if they have the best record for that season. Instead, the way you have it, you reward teams, including wild cards, to possibly get that advantage all because of the result of an exhibition game.
Take this past World Series. The Cardinals had home field advantage for the World Series even though they barely made it into the playoffs. Don’t you think the results of the World Series might have been a little different had the Rangers had 4 games in Arlington? You’re affecting the whole outcome of the World Series predicated on a game that means nothing (although you want it to mean something) and is nothing more than an exhibition that most people do not even care about.
Try to look at this reasonably, the teams play 162 games attempting to win their division. You reward the team with the best record with home field advantage during the LDS and LCS but when you get to the most important Series you yank that advantage away all because of one game! By doing this, you’re pretty much saying that the whole rest of the season didn’t mean a darn thing!
Bud, please swallow your pride for once and admit you made a mistake with this stupid little experiment! Most baseball fans will always know that the All-Star game is nothing more than it’s always been a chance to see all of the best players at one time. Do the right thing and stop this insanity!
Ram Silverman (baseball fan)



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