A Story

17 05 2016

A pro sports team had a losing record for 8 years, despite the fact that the team was comprised of a number of top players.  During this time frame, the team was led by 2 established coaches who were very well respected in the league.

At the end of the 8th season, the fans were becoming restless and disgruntled with the direction of the team and started to voice their concern very publicly to the team leadership.

There was a local builder in town, who for years claimed that he could lead this team to victory and make it great again! At the beginning, no one really took him seriously but fans started to listen especially because their established coaches could not seem to win. The interesting part of this was the man had very little knowledge in the way the game was played and would make all sorts of statements that really did not make a lot of sense.  In spite of this fact, some of the fans started to rally around the idea of doing something completely radical in supporting him as their coach.

As some of his support started to grow, he started to make some very incendiary statements.  First, he wanted to get rid of all of the Hispanic players on the team.  He said the players were horrible, horrible people and there was no place on his team for them. Then he said he had no place on his team for Muslim players and if it were up to him, he would ban them all from the whole league.

Then he started insulting the board of directors by calling every one of them losers.  He called their wives fat slob, pigs.  He started calling all of the players on his team losers even though they were proven to be very good at their positions and understood the game much better than the man.  For some strange reason, the more the man insulted everyone, the more the fans were getting excited about him.

The fans started organizing rally’s to get the guy hired and they would swear their allegiance to him at these events.

These rallies grew larger.  As they grew, there were those that started to oppose the man.  At first there were verbal confrontations between the fans and the opposition. Then, authorized by the man, physical violence as he egged the fans on to remove any of the unwanted opposition.  This led to many violent altercations and many people getting punched in the face and being removed from the events.

This continued for months and despite all the bluster, the man never really had a specific plan to make the team great again. The insults grew louder and even more radical. He continued to insult everyone he could think of which now included the other team’s ownership, players and anyone else who did not agree with him.  The whole affair was turning into a reality TV series!

The commissioner of the league, a woman, said there is just no place in the league for all of the negative rhetoric about the league and teams she loved.  She campaigned hard to reason with the fans to not follow this pied piper down this very dangerous road. In return, the man repeatedly called her the most crooked commissioner he’s ever seen.  The man was relentless with his childish name calling despite the fact that he had bankrupted numerous companies, was under investigation for a bogus business scam and cheated on all 3 of his ex-wives.

The board of directors had to make a mind numbing decision. They had to either hire the fans choice and be led by someone completely clueless about their game or go against the will of the fans. They also worried about alienating themselves from the fans and whether the fans would desert the team and or the league itself.

Check back on Nov 8th for the conclusion of the story.



The end!



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