Bowl Games are DOA

4 01 2017

Let me see with a show of hands of how many of you watched the Pinstripe Bowl?  What about the Cure Bowl, Potato Bowl or Camelia Bowl?  That’s what I thought…me neither!

The NCAA currently has about 40 different bowl games on their line-up during the month of December and no one gives a rat’s ass about them!  The obvious question to ask is, why should we care when the schools, players and fans don’t care?  The truth is, we shouldn’t!  The schools don’t care because they wind up losing money when they can’t sell their guaranteed allotment of tickets, the players don’t care because they’re really not playing for anything meaningful, and the fans don’t care for the same reason.

The NCAA has a playoff system (which isn’t working but more on that later) and that’s all that any college football fan cares about.  We want to see the best teams play in the playoffs and don’t care about watching 6 and 6 teams play in obsolete bowl games.  Could you imagine the NFL having the playoff system they have and simultaneously have all of the losing teams that didn’t make the playoffs in some sort of consolation playoff…well that’s what you’re getting with these idiotic bowl games.  Losing teams playing other losing teams which is so much fun to watch in person or on TV…..yeah right!

If you have tuned in for any of these games, mostly what you’ll see is empty stands.  Who in their right mind would spend their hard earned money to travel to Bosie, ID, Shreveport, LA or most of the other bowl hosting cities to catch their losing team play in a meaningless bowl game?

Do you know who does cares about these games, ESPN and gamblers!  Gamblers because they always need something to wager on and all of these bowl games gives them 40 more opportunities.  ESPN because they have all of these games to create advertising dollars for themselves.  Do you think ESPN cares whether or not anyone is really watching these games?  As long as they find companies to spend money on advertising and can fill up all of their commercial spots, that’s all they are concerned with.

Have you ever given a thought of why the name of most of the Bowl games changes from one year to the next?  I will tell you why.  The sponsors of these games find out pretty quickly that they just wasted 1.5 million dollars when they see zero return on their investment.  Yes, it’s nice to have your company name all over the field but if no one sees it then it’s just a waste of money.

So rather than me just sitting here on my perch bitching about the current state of the bowl games I’m going to offer my solution and I am confident it’s a good one!

My solution consists of the top 14 teams.  The day after the Conference Championship Games (ACC, Big 10, SEC etc…) the bowl committee will select the top four teams just as they have done the past two years.  The #1 team will play the #4 team but the game will be held at the home field of the #1 team the following weekend.  The #2 team will play #3 team the same weekend from their home field.  This will eliminate teams from having to travel to both the semi-final game and the championship within 10 days of each other.  This will also give a lot of incentive to be the #1 and #2 team.

On the same evening the top four teams are announced, the rest of the top 14 teams will be in a selection process by each of the big 6 Bowl games (Rose, Fiesta, Cotton, Sugar, Peach and Orange) to choose the teams they want live on TV.  Each year there will be a rotation of who selects first, for example if the Rose Bowl is the first game, they will automatically get the losing teams from the top four team playoff.  The Fiesta Bowl would then have the actual first selection and they could pick the best match-up they can based on the remaining 10 teams.  They might choose to pick a team that is more local to their region or they could choose the number #5 and#6 teams that will be up to their committee to decide on the spot….now that’s exciting!  Then the Cotton Bowl would select from the remaining 8 and so on until the top 6 bowl games were filled.

How does this help the bowl situation?

The two teams that win the four team playoff will have three weeks to prepare for the championship.  The fans will have this same time to be able to plan their trip to the big game and there will actually be some big build up to the game, similar to the way the BCS used to be.

The two losing teams from the four team playoff will know they are automatically playing each other in one of the big bowl games, which ever was first in line for that particular year.

By making the top fourteen teams, each team will know they get to go to a major bowl game; all of these teams are typically from top schools and should all be good match-ups that fans would actually like to watch or attend!

I beg the NCAA to eliminate all of the stupid, obsolete bowl games in their current line-up and replace it immediately with my brilliant idea.  As someone famously said this year (not mentioning his name) “What do you have to lose?”

Whether you agree or disagree with me, let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below! Thank you for joining me on Ram’s Rants.




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