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Ram co-owns and operates Golden Tickets Inc., Golden Sports Tours, The 1018 Club & Diamond Home Rentals of Augusta. He has over 21 years experience in the secondary ticket market and over that time has helped formed many of the rules and ethics of the industry through the NATB. (National Assoc. of Ticket Brokers)

Please comment on any of his “rants” as he is open to everyone else’s opinions and enjoys reading and considering them. Also, don’t believe everything your read or hear on the radio about our industry as it’s usually wrong! Please contact Ram for any clarification or his opinion on a story you’ve read regarding ticket brokers, tickets to events that are sold out, advantages of going through a ticket broker, dis-advantages of buying season tickets or any other question you may have!


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23 11 2009
Bob Bernstein


I am very disgusted to see how Don Vaccaro has allowed Golden Event Tickets to be part of the Ticket Network community funnel sales through Ticket Network. Not only are the two names confusingly similar but Golden Event Tickets uses a logo very similar to Golden Tickets.

If Don was opposed to the infringement of one broker stealing the identity of another broker he would remove Golden Event Tickets immediately. On the other hand, if he refuses to follow through and remove Golden Event Tickets, a memo should be sent out to all NATB brokers alerting them of what he is doing.

Bob Bernstein
CEO eSeats.com

4 01 2010

Ram….happy New Year to you , family and all the crew at Golden.
Just reading your Rants….enjoy them..keem em coming…see you soon…

22 08 2016
Michael McCloud

I am a new agent with Xtream Travel. I find it easier to lead with my Golden Tickets website when talking to potential clients. I recently met a client involved with jazz artists, in No. Carolina. He would like to discuss selling tickets through us for the concerts he arranges. How does he go about this? Thanks in advance. Miichael McCloud.

4 01 2017

Hello Michael, I apologize for the late response. If you would like to get in touch with Ram, co-owner of Golden Tickets, please email him at ram@goldentickets.com

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