Seamless One-Click Sports Packages

25 07 2017

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In this day and age, all of our tasks have become integrated and seamless through revolutionary applications to make our lives easier. When we travel we only have to visit one website to book all of the factors included in our trip: flights, hotel, and transportation. So, why hasn’t this ingenious practicality been invented for sports?! WELL, IT HAS NOW. The ‘Expedia’ for Sports Packages is now available on our brand-new Golden Sports website! Sports tours have evolved into an industry of its own, and we are excited to provide an integrated and seamless service to better the industry.

We’re proudly setting a new standard in premium sports tours! No longer will you have to shop ’til you drop because we just launched our brand new website, featuring our ONE-CLICK SPORTS PACKAGES, making the task of shopping for sports packages far less tedious for you!

It’s always a Win-Win With Us

Customize your package to fit your needs or pick out of the Gold, Silver, or Bronze editions we build for you based on your personal preferences and budget.

  • Flights
    Price is computed using only the most efficient itineraries that will fit well with your package choice.
  • Hotel
    We have an option for everybody! On a budget, closest to the event, most popular, or the ‘treat yourself with luxury’ choice.
  • Event Tickets
    Whether it’s the big game or a once-in-a-lifetime event, we know how to get the best tickets available! It’s kind of what we’re reputable for.
  • Transportation
    Cabs are so 2015… we’ll pick you up and get you between your hotel and the airport.

Currently Live Now For One-Click Sports Packages

  • NFL
  • NHL
  • MLB
  • Boxing
  • Golf
  • & select major events
  • all other sports will be coming very, very soon.

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Ticketmaster-The Evil Empire starring Irving Azoff as Darth Vader

25 09 2009

It never ceases to amaze me at the amount of propaganda and miss information Ticketmaster and especially the president, Irving Azoff, love spewing out!

Ever since I’ve been in the ticket business (21 years), Ticketmaster has constantly reminded the public how evil ticket brokers are and how they horde all of the tickets and that there is absolutely no need for them.  In fact, Irving Azoff told a senate hearing earlier this year, “ I don’t believe there should be a secondary market at all” .  I’m not quite sure how Irving Azoff became president of Ticketmaster when he can’t figure out the simple economics of supply and demand. I’m going to explain why the secondary market is so relevant and why it will never go away no matter how many stupid tricks Ticketmaster try to incorporate when tickets go on sale.

Let’s first examine the new paperless ticket that Ticketmaster is using to sell tickets for the Miley Cyrus tour.  This system was strictly put in place to not allow brokers to get their hands on them whether it was during the on sale or by purchasing them on the open market. Since they cannot be transferred, the actual person who bought the ticket would actually be the one who picks them up on the night of the show at the box office.  Now this system was implemented to “protect the fans” and make sure they were able to purchase them and not brokers.  Why doesn’t this work? First, suppose I wasn’t available when the show went on sale or didn’t find out that there was even a show coming to my city until after it had already gone on sale. How as a fan, would I have the ability to go see that show?  According to Ticketmaster, I wouldn’t!  How is that helping the fan? Secondly, if I did buy the tickets but wanted to give them as a gift to someone or give them to a family member, I would not have the ability to do so without having to go to the venue myself, when I’m not the one who’s going to the show. Lastly, suppose my plans changed and I wasn’t able to go to the show. What options would I have to resell the tickets…none!  That’s really taking care of the fan! 

Why does Ticketmaster care so much what happens to the tickets once they’ve been sold? They’ve already made their money on all of the outrageous service charges.  Let’s do some math.  If Ticketmaster sells 20,000 tickets for a concert and they make $25 per ticket, they will realize a profit of $500,000.  That’s not a bad profit considering that good shows sell out in a matter of minutes.  I think most businesses would be happy with that kind of return. At this point Ticketmaster cannot make any more money on that show because it’s sold out.  Why should they care what happens after that point with the tickets and who sits in the seats. Ticketmaster is always saying that we want to make sure that the fans have fair access to tickets…who do you think buys from us, the fans! Irving, leave us alone!


When tickets for  concerts  go on sale, the fans who want them have a few options. They can either try and purchase tickets through Ticketmaster when they go on sale, which involves a considerable amount of good luck considering that not all of the good seats are released during the initial on sale or they can purchase the tickets at a later date, select the exact tickets they want at a price that is affordable to their budget from a reliable ticket broker or elsewhere on the secondary market.  If Irving Azoff had his way, you would only have option one!  

Let’s talk sports for a minute!  Without the ability to buy tickets on the secondary market for NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB games, fans would never be able to go to a game or at least be able to get good seats.  Tickemaster only sells tickets that have not been sold by the individual teams thus leaving all of the “not so good seats”.  The remaining tickets are sold to season ticket holders.    If I’m a fan who only wants to go to a game with goods seats, I wouldn’t have the ability to do so without the help of a broker or buying them elsewhere on the secondary market. In case Mr. Azoff doesn’t know, we live in a capitalist society where people do not mind paying for merchandise or services that they want, even if it means paying over face value.

When it comes to events that do not go on sale to the public such as the Super Bowl, The Masters, BCS Championship and Kentucky Derby, to mention a few, how else would anyone be able to go to these events unless you were the original ticket holder.  Brokers work as a conduit for buyers and sellers to all these major events.  Maybe since Irving Azoff has all of the connections to go to these events (probably doesn’t have to pay) he doesn’t have to worry about sourcing tickets but for the average fan, they do!

The secondary market is a 2 billion dollar a year business.  There is enough business for everyone to make a living…stop being a ticket hog! Why do you want to take away our right to exist and offer the services that we provide to our customers.  Oh,  I just realized that Azoff rhymes with Madoff!